The dotAC Coreference Editor is a graphical tool that enables a user to select resources from a Coreference Service and indicate which resources are (and are not) equivalent to each other. The editor consists of two panes: above, a graphical depiction of the selected resources and their equivalences, and below a list of the resources, organised by equivalence class.

To begin, the user searches for a resource URI or for a literal value; in the latter case, all resources with matching property values are retrieved and added to the editor.

In the upper pane, groups of equivalent resources are shown as connected components (trees) of the graph. The canonical resource in each group is indicated by an larger circle. As the user selects different resources in the graph, the groups in the lower pane are reorganised; the lower left pane indicates the equivalence class containing the selected resources, with the selected resource being highlighted within the group. The lower right pane lists the remaining groups.

The groups is the lower pane may be expanded or collapsed for clarity, as may individual resources within a group (for example, to show variant name forms associated with a particular resource).

When a user clicks on a resource, a toolbar appears which allows the user to form a link to another resource (by clicking on it), break a link with an adjacent resource (by clocking on the adjacent resource) or isolate the resource (so breaking all links with adjacent resources).

When the equivalence classes are to the user’s satisfaction, the state of the edited resources and their equivalences may be uploaded to the CRS using the save icon. Alternatively, the user may discard changes using the start over (waste bin) icon.