The dotAC Explorer is a faceted browser that allows the user to examine researchers, organisations, projects and publications within the JISC-funded UKHE community.

The interface consists of a number of panes: a geographical view, which indicates the location of the currently selected resource (or resources related to the currently selected resource), a detail view which allows the user to drill down and examine a resource in more depth, and a number of related resource views which show entities (people, projects, organisations, publications) that are related to the currently selected resource.

When a resource in any of these panes is selected, the page header changes to indicate that the focus of the explorer has changed, and the detail pane changes to provide extra information about the selected resource. The related resource panes will also change accordingly.

The explorer interface allows the user to investigate why a particular resource is related to the currently selected resource, by clicking the ? icon next to the related resource’s name. These relations typically take the form of co-authorship of papers, or co-investigation of projects.

Further information is available on the predecessor to the dotAC Explorer (RKBExplorer) here.